Have A Nice Cup Of Tea

Tea is the most famous beverage enjoyed by almost every person in the entire world. Each morning as we wake up, we need our perfect cup of tea. Almost every part of the world has people enjoying their perfect cuppa of tea. Have you ever thought when and how did this tea evolve?

Know Its Origin
Around 4000 years ago, it is said that people in China first started drinking tea. Then after 300 years ago, tea was introduced in Europe. After this, tea became popular in countries like North America and Europe around the 18th century. And China was the only country selling tea to other countries. In this way, China’s tea business started soaring.

Countries like Sumatra, Java and Formosa also started growing tea plantations. It was later discovered that the tea plants grew only up to one metre in China, whereas in India the plants grew up over six metres in height in India. Tea business now shifted to India.

How is Tea processed?
The leaves and small buds are plucked from the tea plantations. The tea plant needs to be at least three years old for the leaves to be plucked. We find two types of tea leaves, green and black. The plucked leaves and buds are pressed, dried and packed.

In order to prepare black tea, the leaves are pressed between the rollers and are left for fermentation. Once the leaves are fermented, again they are pressed between the rollers and are kept in hot rooms in order to dry.

Later the leaves are packed and sent to the desired places. Here is a video to help you understand the entire process of how tea is made.

Benefits of tea
Tea helps in preventing blood clotting in our body; it helps in lowering the cholesterol levels and also deactivates cancer promoters. Tea also contains natural fluoride that helps in maintaining the bones and teeth.

Known as the “wonder drink”, tea is packed with nutrients that are essential for our health. Tea is known to have certain polyphenols, natural organic chemicals that offers many benefits to our health.

In 1989, a study conducted by the Japanese Journal of Nutrition revealed that tea producing regions had a lower stomach cancer mortality rate as compared to non-tea producing regions.

In short, tea is anytime better compared to coffee and it will help you reap many benefits as compared to any other drink.