Diethylene glycol Maintains Vulnerable

It is reported on Monday, the London Brent futures for $ 99.77 per barrel in August, it will fall down $ 0.91.

Some experts are still concerned about the Persian Gulf situation, but the Iranian nuclear issue has been included in the international oil price factors, even if Iran selectively interrupted the tanker traffic through the Strait of Hormuz, the other countries in Persian Gulf region will avoid the Hall wood strait through the pipeline. A series of measures havn’t show apparent effect yet, while the high crude oil inventories making the closed lower yesterday, and the openning continues falling down today.

Yesterday, the diethylene glycol market of China declined, the industry was lack of confidence. However, taking the market and pull up after some profit taking, the market center of gravity down. Today the market still has no significant positive profit support, current bid should remain cautious, to the weakness of discuss disadvantaged keep steady.

Today the opening evaluate: the mainstream price of diethylene glycol in Jiangsu region   is about 6500 yuan / ton and 6450-6500 yuan / ton; the mainstream of the cans offers 6300-6400 yuan / ton in South China market; prices in North China Northeast market is about 6300-6450 yuan / ton and 7040-8040 yuan / ton.