Is Prandin Useful For Weight Loss?

Prandin is the brand name for repaglinide. Diet, exercise and possibly other medications are used together with Prandin for people with Type II diabetes as a way to decrease blood sugar levels. Be aware of the precautions regarding Prandin and take the drug only on the advice and guidance of a physician. The medication causes the pancreas to produce insulin, thus helping to lower blood sugar.

Prandin works to decrease blood sugar levels by spurring the pancreas to create insulin. This drug is specifically for non-insulin dependant patients with Type II diabetes only. The drug may cause a drastic decrease in blood sugar, so you should be familiar with the symptoms of hypoglycemia, which include nausea, hunger, anxiety, numbness and irregular heartbeat. If you experience these symptoms, you should drink or eat something with sugar or take a glucagon injection as instructed by your doctor.

Hypoglycemia is a potential side effect of taking Prandin. Hypoglycemia can occur from prolonged exercise, alcohol, stress or missing meals. Symptoms of low blood glucose include hunger, tremors, headache, irritability and difficulty concentrating. Test your blood sugar, and if your blood sugar is low, take a simple carbohydrate such as orange juice or hard candy or whatever is recommended by your physician. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

Check your blood sugar often when following a repaglinide(the CAS number is 135062-02-1) regimen. Check to make sure your blood sugar is not too high. While Prandin is not used specifically for weight loss, it is associated with it for two main reasons. The goal of a diabetic diet to provide nutrients to the body without all the fats and sugars associated with a higher calorie diet. By counting your carbohydrates and sugar intake, you naturally take in fewer calories and lose weight. When you couple this with the suggested exercise, weight loss is almost guaranteed.

Prandin is a prescription drug and should never be taken by anyone without Type II diabetes. If you use it wrongly as a weight loss drug, you may find yourself becoming hypoglycemic. One of the classic symptoms of hypoglycemia is a voracious hunger, so you will most likely gain weight if this happens.